Dr. Magda Havas, PhD Environmental Studies Research Papers

Dr. Magda Havas Bio


B.Sc. Honors Biology, University of Toronto, 1971-1975
Ph.D. Department of Botany, University of Toronto, 1975-1980

Academic History

Trent University, Peterborough, ON, Canada

2002-present: Member, Centre for Health Studies
1995-97 & 92-94: Board of Governors
1993-94: Member of Senate
1990-present: Cross Appointed to Biology Department
1989-present: Associate Professor, Environmental & Resource Studies

University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada

1985-89: Cross Appointed to Faculty of Forestry,
1983-1988: NSERC University Research Fellow/Assistant Professor, Instititue of Environmental Studies

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA

1981-83: NSERC NATO Postdoctoral Fellow, Section of Ecology & Systematics (with Professor Gene E. Likens)

Professional Roles


Advisor, HESE UK (2008-present)Advisor, International Commission on Electromagnetic Safety (ICEMS), European Union (2007-present)
Advisor, EM Radiation Trust, UK (2007-present)
Advisor, Nationaal Platform Stralingscrisico’s in the Netherlands (2007-present)
Member, International Commission on Electromagnetic Safety (ICEMS), European Union (2006-present)
Advisor, Great Lakes Science Advisory Board Working Group on Emerging Issues, US/Canada International Joint Commission (1996-97)
Advisor, Environmental Science Program for Tribhuvan University, Nepal (1995)
Member, Forest Sub-Committee, US/Canada Scientific Committee on Acid Rain, Huntington Forest, NY, (1981)
Advisor, Acid Rain Coalition, Joint US/Canadian Committee on Acid Rain (1980).
Co-organizer (with T.C. Hutchinson), NATO Advanced Institute Workshop on Effects of Acidic Deposition on the Terrestrial Ecosystem, Toronto, (1978)


Advisor, WEEP-Initiative, (2005-present)
Reviewer, National Policy Research Awards (2002)
Associate Director, KEY Foundation (Knowledge of the Environment for Youth) (1993-98)
Editor, Environmental Newsletter (KEYnotes) sent to 17,000 educators across Canada (1991-93)
Director, KEY Foundation (Knowledge of the Environment for Youth) (1985-1993
Member, Science and Technology Advisory Committee,Canadian Broadcast Corporation ( CBC) (1988-90)
Coordinator, Twenty-Second Canadian Symposium on Water Pollution Research, University of Toronto, (1987)


Member, Environmental Appeal Board, Ministry of the Environment, Ontario (1988-90)


Judge, Science Fair, Trent University, Peterborough, ON.(1998, 2000)
Member, Co-ordinating Committee, Conference on Environmental Health and Alternative Medicine (1996)
Evaluator, Science Fair Competition, Peterborough, ON (1992)
Member, Mayor's Committee on Sustainable Development, Peterborough, ON (1989-91)